Weekend Project(s) – Building a Lofted BunkBed

One of my greatest joys is sharing time in the shop with one of my children,  In the last few months, my daughter Brook and I have enjoyed building a third, yup, third bunk, The older grandsons have their bunks, now it’s time for a bunk for third grandson -Eli.


Brook checking out joinery and how to make it.


Brook learning the in and outs of the woodworking Vise


Another day in the shop, checking out the sander and fine tuning some growing woodworking skills


Clamping and beginning to build the end of the bunk.


Brooks looking more and more like a pro as she fine tunes the slats for the end of the bunk bed. Matching wood grain and fit.  Has to be ” just right”..


A very proud mom completes the foot board for her son  Eli’s bunk.  Nice job Brook!!!




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